Practice Areas

Practice Areas – Business & Real Estate

With over two decades of legal experience, our attorneys at Ciesla Law Firm, representing legal issues related to business, real estate and more.

Business Law

Ciesla Law Firm provides knowledgeable, professional, and affordable legal advice to businesses of all sizes. Our attorneys collaborate with in-house counsel when specific legal knowledge is needed. We serve as local counsel for national companies and serve as general counsel to small and mid-sized firms.

Whatever your business, you can afford the legal help you need. We provide a wide range of business law services, from basic business formation, contracts and transactions, to more specialized matters such as securities law.

Our Areas of Practice Include

  • Incorporations
  • LLC creations
  • Contract creation and review
  • Employment agreements
  • Securities law
  • Business succession planning
  • Employment law

Executive Services

Our firm assists many executive employees who are considering offers made by their employers. In many cases, some employees have risen through the ranks and are now being offered an executive compensation package. Or, they may have been working for a competitor, and another company needs their skills.

Executive compensation review includes reviewing the documents from every angle and thoroughly analyzing the documents to be sure that every provision is understood. We take into consideration the tax implications of every aspect of the proffered contract. Also, as part of an executive compensation package, companies offer stock options/ownership clauses or stock bonuses. Depending upon exactly how these are structured, they could be a significant part of the executive pay package.

Our experience enables us to sort out the good from the bad and advise our clients regarding how to proceed. We also provide executive compensation review for employers who retain us to be sure that all of their contracts comply with both state and federal regulations.  

Real Estate Law

Our firm handles all legal issues associated with real estate transactions and development. We also handle large and small real estate transactions covering a wide range of services from the inception of the transaction through the closing.

Our firm understands that the laws related to real estate transactions, purchase agreements, construction contracts, and zoning can be complicated and challenging to navigate. However, we can ease the pressure by providing a single source to handle all the necessary legal work. Our attorneys cover the legal spectrum of real estate.

  • Purchase contracts
  • Due diligence
  • Environmental, zoning, and land use survey reviews
  • Environmental phase I and II reviews
  • Title insurance
  • Financial and lender document review

We Resolve Any Challenges

Our firm has handled countless commercial real estate transactions. Our attorneys understand that regardless of how diligently an attorney handles a real estate transaction, unexpected issues arise. Our commercial real estate attorneys are prepared for any occurrence and quickly resolve escrow issues, closing issues, and title issues.

Most attorneys can handle commercial real estate transactions until there is a problem. Therefore, it is important to have an experienced real estate attorney protecting your company’s interests from the beginning.